Office Space Reframing

Space planning

There’s a reason why the saying ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ is widely quoted.

Better planning can save you money, maximize employee productivity and reduce inefficiencies in the use of space. We not only look at your best and most cost-effective furniture options but how employees will move around and use the space, as well as how you can optimize their wellbeing in the workplace.

Our team of experts will provide you with a 3D representation of how your workplace will look including your choice of furniture and décor, to help you visualise the end result and have full confidence in your decision.

All our layout designs are extremely detailed and contain the following to help you really get a look and feel for your new space:

  • Furniture (desks, chairs etc.)
  • Fabrics
  • Paint Colours
  • Textures

Upgrade your office space: sell us your old furniture!

Don't let your old office furniture gather dust - sell it to us and get a fair price for your gently used items. We make it easy to upgrade your space and dispose of your old furniture in a sustainable way.

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